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Meet our chefs: Caroline Plouffe

Caroline Plouffe Pâtissière
Caroline Plouffe
Pastry chef

Raised in the countryside, Caroline grew up learning the benefits of and respect for nature. After having worked in the kitchens alongside great chefs in several Montreal restaurants, she passionately pursued her training as a self-taught chef in the Laurentians where she rediscovered the fields, the forest and the art of pastry making. The vast wooded areas of this region gave her a new inspiration: cooking with edible flowers. Her creative nature, her curiosity and her childlike heart do the rest! After a long walk in the woods and a responsible harvest of wild plants, the magic happens in the kitchen of this culinary artist who enjoys transforming her harvests of the moment into gastronomic works of art, for the greatest pleasure of her guests. SakuraCake's unique, natural and local creations are her signature.

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