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Sunflower Herbal Tea - Health Benefits

Tisane de Tournesol - Bienfaits santé | Détox du foie et de la vésicule biliaire

Our Sunflower herbal tea is our most detoxifying blend. It's packed with medicinal plants known for their digestive and purifying properties, such as milk thistle seeds, dandelion greens, marigold flowers and sunflower petals.

Milk thistle is the main plant used in herbal medicine to detoxify, protect and stimulate cell renewal in the liver. Milk thistle treats hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis and other liver ailments. Recent research has confirmed the traditional knowledge of herbalists regarding the remarkable impact of this plant on the harmful effects of alcohol and other toxic substances on the liver. Clinical trials have shown that silymarin, a substance in milk thistle seeds, protects the liver against the harmful effects of alcohol and other toxic substances. If chemotherapy is prescribed for the cancer, milk thistle even lessens the harmful effects on the liver and helps to dissipate the side effects of the treatment more quickly.

Dandelion leaf is a digestive tonic that stimulates the production of bile and facilitates the elimination of toxins. It purifies the blood, liver and gallbladder. It effectively promotes the dissolution of existing gallstones and prevents the formation of new ones. A diuretic, it can lower blood pressure by reducing body fluids.

Marigold flower is also a purifying plant that helps to eliminate waste and toxins and restore the proper functioning of the liver and gallbladder. It can cure inflammations of the digestive system such as gastritis or gastric ulcer.

Sunflower petals are a digestive tonic, stimulating appetite and digestion, as well as an effective vermifuge – a valuable ally for lovers of sushi and tartare.

Filled with such a variety of awesome medicinal plants, our Sunflower Tea is our most detoxifying blend yet. When you crave juicy peach flavor, treat yourself to a cup of Sunflower and cleanse your system!

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